NSW needs 91,000+ affordable dwellings in next 10 years

At Churches Housing, we are often asked what is the current and forecasted need for affordable housing in greater Sydney and the rest of the State.

So, we asked the City Futures research Centre at UNSW to extract these figures from one of their recent reports*.

In Sydney at the moment, we need more than 55,000 dwellings to meet unmet needs and another 24,100 in the rest of the State.

The total needed in 10 years is 91,450.

Affordable housing needs: current and by 2029

Section of Australia Current unmet need Projected unmet need by 2029 Total additional need
Greater Sydney 55,300 10,250 65,550 Greater Sydney
Rest of NSW 24,100 01,800 25,900 Rest of NSW
79,400 TOTAL current 12,050 TOTAL by 2029 91,450 Total NSW


Estimating need and costs of social and affordable housing delivery by Dr Laurence Troy, Dr Ryan van den Nouwelant & Prof Bill Randolph, March 2019 CHIA and Homelessness NSW

From table 1: summary of national social and affordable housing need by sub-region (households)