Minute with Magnus

Sometimes affordable housing meetings are not always what you expect.

Landcom just launched a partnership opportunity through an event focused on the increased supply, diversity and affordability of housing.

Dan Gregory, of Gruen Transfer fame, opened proceedings, discussing how we lead change; especially relevant as we are in a sector with the unsolvable solvable problem of affordable housing.

In the increasingly changing digital era, the problem for us is not that we don’t have enough information, it’s that we have way too much information.

The problem of information overload means that good is no longer good enough.

What we really need is not even more information but the space to think even more creatively about the problem, focusing on innovative solutions instead of precedents.

More than ever, we also need to ensure we are solving the RIGHT problems and that we work at increasing the DIVERSITY in our problem solving teams – research demonstrates that increasing diversity, bringing in people who think differently from the rest of the group, will always lift the combined IQ of the group.

Being more collaborative is actually about generating solutions that were not thought of until we get everyone around the table – and think diverse, everyone!

Sometimes it means deliberately going out to find the people that can deliver insights that you don’t have around that table, such as the emergency medical teams who learnt amazing things about handing over patients from the leaders of F1 pit crews (https://ama.com.au/ausmed/doctors-use-formula-one-pit-crews-safety-model).

How are you going to lead creatively in the future?