Minute with Magnus

I’ve been procrastinating writing my minute! For everyone working in our sector, particularly in regards to advocacy and systemic policy change, things can often be more than a little disheartening.

So much talk, so much reading, lots of writing, so many meetings and discussions, plus a few elections for, well … often very little discernible result.

And yet there are hopes, such as the 1,600 or so units currently being built by the church sector (Vinnies, Uniting, BaptistCare and Anglicare Sydney) through the Social and Affordable Housing Fund.

Still, sometimes it is just so hard when things move so slowly.

And yet, a few days ago, I may have made a discernible difference, just because I stopped to chat to Alex, who has been on the streets for a few months since his mum’s place burnt down.

We had a coffee together and I bought him a pie.

Then I walked down the road with him to the Homelessness Connect fair in Parramatta Mall and introduced him to a few service providers who will hopefully be able to help him out.

It really wasn’t that hard and only took a few minutes.

Later that afternoon I went to Parliament House in Macquarie St to talk some more with politicians about the way forward and Alex has given me some extra motivation to keep going.

These are not just policies we are talking about, these are real people facing enormous difficulties often without any resources or other people to help them along the way.

A minute with Magnus? Nah, a minute with Alex is much better!