Minute with Magnus

Well, nobody saw that election result coming!01 Magnus

Within the social and affordable housing sector, it takes us back to square one and we may need to consider our advocacy strategies if we are to make any progress federally over the next three years.

Can we learn to speak the language of economics, infrastructure and return on investment?

And can we make for a compelling case?

I’m sure we can. There is already a large and robust body of research on this topic. It is a challenge when the wind appears to be taken out of your social and affordable housing sails, but for the many vulnerable people under housing stress and staring down homelessness we have no choice but to persevere.

Focusing on avoided costs (think justice, health etc), viewing housing as social infrastructure and as a public health intervention (see AHURI Report 312 – The Business Case for Housing as Infrastructure, May 2019) may connect with minds that have not been convinced by a social justice narrative.

This is me preaching to myself but I figure there are a few of you reading this who may feel the same way.

If you are, then I would love to know your thoughts on how we may prosecute our advocacy over the next few years.

And with that, I need to let you know that I am on extended leave for 4 weeks, returning to the hot seat on Monday 1 July.

During this time, my more-than-capable colleague and collaborator, Philippa Yelland, will be stepping up – no doubt able to change the world of housing in that time.

I wont be monitoring emails nor taking calls as I’ll be overseas. Bon voyage!