About Affordable Housing

About Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is housing which is affordable for low to moderate-income earners. Two generally accepted measurements are:

  1. this housing will cost no more than 30 per cent of gross income for the lowest 40 per cent of earners, and
  2. rent charged is no more than 80 per cent of market rent.

This housing may be public housing (owned and managed by the government, usually State) or community housing (managed by private non-profit community housing providers or CHPs).

Click here to read more about public and community housing research on the AHURI (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute) website.

Of course some housing may just be private rental arrangements but the growing issue across Australia is the growing unaffordability of private rentals for low to moderate income earners. Click here to read a snapshot of ANGLICARE Sydney’s research on housing affordability 2016.

Want more facts about housing affordability? Churches Housing is a member of Australians for Affordable Housing. Click here to read more.

Churches Housing works to see the church sector become part of the solution to our growing affordable housing problem. If your church is considering development options then please contact us about including an affordable housing component.

What is inclusionary zoning?

Inclusionary zoning is a planning mechanism where governments mandate zoning rules for identified new-development proposals.

These require the provision of certain uses or facilities as a pre-condition before a planning authority may grant approval.