Sydney Alliance Housing Assembly

Oh what a night!
356 participants filled Eastwood Uniting Church to the rafters. Prior to the Minister’s arrival, CHI Executive Officer Magnus Linder (with Erin from Uniting Voice) paid tribute to prior Housing Team members that had put in so much work to get us all to the asembly on May 4th.
The Assembly was co-chaired by Donna Easthorpe from Churches Housing and Northwest Community Baptist Church, along with Leah Emmanuel from the National Tertiary Education Union and the Assyrian community. Once Minister for Planning and Housing, Minister Anthony Roberts arrived and the Alliance worked together to display collective community power.
This included powerful testimonies, the persuasive academic case put by Professor Bill Randolph, along with critical endorsement from Kathryn Greiner, AO.
Then a huge roll call of supporting organisations where over 50 organisations displayed diversity, listed local and people power, and showed unity, with every organisation supporting stronger targets for affordable housing.
The Minister then gave his response. He said he was personally supportive, he said he was “with us” and he spoke encouragingly.
The Minister;
Did not give a public commitment on 15%
Did not give a public commitment (as expected) on 30%
Did not give a public commitment (as expected) on moderate incomes
Did not give a public commitment (as expected) on unrortable guidelines
Did not give a public commitment (as expected) on the question of “uplift” vs whole development.
However, he:
Did say “YES” publicly- that he has heard us on these five items.
Did give a public commitment (resoundingly) to meet with the assembly of the Sydney Alliance within 2 months
Did give a public commitment (unexpectedly) to bring the Greater Sydney Commission with him.
The Minister then left, escorted by the drummers of Granville Boys High School.
Many of those present then committed to be involved on the IZ (Inclusionary Zoning) action team over the next two months.
It is well worth noting that the Minister had never seen a public display of support for targets as wide and diverse before. He now understands that a wide, large diverse constituency with real local power, knows the difference between specific targets for affordable housing and generalities like “housing affordability”.Please contact the Sydney Alliance here if you would like to know more about how YOUR church can be a part of the next Housing Assembly in 2 months’ time.You can access a fair portion of the video from the night thanks to the YouTube Channel of Pitt Street Uniting Church here.