Penrith spoke – now it’s Parramatta’s turn!

In mid-September, Churches Housing – as part of the Sydney Alliance – will be partnering with Macquarie University’s Department of Sociology to survey the Parramatta LGA on housing affordability. Up to 25 students will be trained as interviewers for both the pilot and main survey projects.
Students will use the survey’s results in their studies and these results will also provide further evidence of the need for affordable housing in Sydney.
Professor Justine Lloyd, who is heading the university team, is excited about the project and expects it to be a terrific experience for her students.
The questions from the Penrith survey will be re-used and then the results will be analysed by Churches Housing. As with the Penrith survey, the survey will be done using mobile phones and iPads which connect to Churches Housing’s purpose-built online survey system.
The pilot is scheduled for Friday, 14 September.