Interesting Reading/Listening/Watching

As with last quarter, I apologise for the length of this section, but there were so many good articles on housing affordability in the last quarter.

Who’s responsible? Housing policy mismatched to our $6 trillion asset
The Conversation – J.Dodson, June 23

Policy failure as existing home owners get a free ride on new infrastructure
SMH – Michael Pascoe, July 26

Why should the state wriggle out of providing public housing?
The Conversation – Kate Shaw, June 20

Giving older single women the chance of owning a home
ABC – Sarah Farnsworth, July 18

Affordable homes for older women on Life Matters
ABC RN – Amanda Smith, July 18

Co-housing works well for older people, once they get past the image problem
The Conversation – C.Riedy et al., June 23

Sydney has no master plan to become bigger and better
The Age – Michael Pascoe, July 12

Four outdated assumptions prevent progress on affordable housing – to everyone’s cost
The Conversation – Fiona McKenzie, July 14

Social housing: Publicly funded beds left empty, while waiting list grows, new data shows
ABC – Antoinette Lattouf, July 21

How history can challenge the narrative of blame for homelessness
The Conversation – Anne O’Brien, July 19

Australia Building Too Few Homes in Low Income Brackets
Sourceable Counstruction News – Andrew Heaton, July 11

Social mix in housing? One size doesn’t fit all, as new projects show
The Conversation – Kate Shaw, July 21

Five lessons from Tokyo, a city of 38m people, for Australia, a nation of 24m
The Conversation – B.F.D. Barrett & M.Amati, July 11

Push for elected councils to have say on plans for 35,000 new homes along Bankstown train line
SMH – Jacob Saulwick, July 2

Send the market a price signal where affordable housing is most needed
The Conversation – Martin Payne, June 29

Tenants’ calls for safe public housing fall on deaf ears
The Conversation – Gemma McKinnon, June 27

New architecture designs for higher-density living preserve social amenity
Domain – Jenny Brown, June 26

How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)
TED2017 – Grace Kim, April 2017