Interesting Reading/Listening/Watching

As with last quarter, I apologise for the length of this section, but there were so many good articles on housing affordability in the last quarter

In the ‘fearless city’, Barcelona residents take charge
The Conversation – Amanda Tattersall

Creative houses from reclaimed stuff

Designing suburbs to cut car use closes gaps in health and wealth
The Conversation – J.Rachele

Leadership needed from Greater Sydney Commission on Affordable Housing
Urban Taskforce

What do single, older women want? Their ‘own little space’ (and garden) to call home, for a start
The Conversation – Y.Hartman & S.Darab

Gladys Berejiklian announces social housing drive to target NSW older women
The Age – James Robertson

We are living alone together in today’s cities – and that calls for smart and ‘bolshie’ moves
The Conversation – Jaz Hee-jeong Choi

Homelessness: What can Australia learn from Finland’s housing solution?
ABC News – Simon Leo Brown

Airbnb and empty houses: who’s responsible for managing the impacts on our cities?
The Conversation – R.Tomlinson

Co-Housing by Design: A creative & deliberative solution for housing & community
LinkedIn – Damian Iles

We Live Here: how do residents feel about public housing redevelopment?
The Conversation – D.Rodgers

“It’s unacceptable:’ NSW Government admits more housing needed for Sydney’s key workers
Domain – Sue Williams

How the NDIS is using the market to create housing for people with disability
The Conversation – Winkler, Taleporos, & Bo’Sher

‘We are begging for housing': the crisis in Indigenous communities
The Guardian – Helen Davidson and Anna Livsey

How much more productive and liveable could our cities be?
Sunday Roundtable with Hamish MacDonald on ABC-RN

Lucy Turnbull’s plan for Sydney is a race to blandsville
SMH – Elizabeth Farrelly

‘Build to rent’ could be the missing piece of the affordable housing puzzle
The Conversation – Matthew Palm

Is Sydney really full? The politics of urban density
SMH – Lisa Visentin

Affordable housing shortfall leaves 1.3m households in need and rising – study
The Conversation – Steven Rowley & Chris Leishman

Calls for higher affordable housing targets as more people on ‘cusp of poverty’
Domain – Kate Burke

Why investor-driven urban density is inevitably linked to disadvantage
The Conversation – Bill Randolph