Housing is prominent in City of Sydney’s resident survey


Picture: community garden, City of Sydney

Questions about housing, finances and food insecurity form an important part of the City of Sydney’s resident survey.

Run every four years by the City of Sydney, the community wellbeing survey goes to more than 100,000 households in the council’s LGA.

One question, for example, asks respondents if housing costs have forced them to unwillingly sacrifice spending on: food and groceries, heating, medical treatment, other household items, sports and recreation, arts and cultural activities, eating out, or education.

Housing issues also top the list of response options in another question that asks if households are thinking of moving out of the City of Sydney in the next one to five years for reasons of: home rental prices, home buying prices, or family (housing of schooling).

If you live in the City of Sydney LGA, then you are welcome to do the survey online at cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/wellbeing

The deadline is Thursday 20 December 2018. The online survey is in English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Korea