Go beyond sustainability – residents should flourish

Patricia Morgan and Andre Van EymerenSustainability does not go far enough as a housing goal says Andre Van Eymeren, Managing Director, Centre for Building Better Community, and we should instead be asking how people can flourish in good housing.

Speaking at Churches Housing’s networking breakfast in early March, Van Eymeren outlined the framework for flourishing:Nigel Smith and Andre Van Eymeren

  1. Residents’ basic needs are met
  2. They feel a belonging to land and others
  3. Their contributions are valued
  4. They have meaning or purpose
  5. They can lament and celebrate
  6. Residents have a growing sense of meaning or spirituality

The full presentations are on our site. See links below:

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‘Housing ideas for a flourishing city’, Nigel Smith, Urban Strategist, Centre for Building Better Community


‘New ways of living spiritually’, Dr Patricia Morgan, University of NSW


Photos: Dr Patricia Morgan with Andre Van Eymeren

Nigel Smith with Andre Eymeren