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Have you ever thought through the implications of the accommodation-sharing application Airbnb? This business can provide one-of-a-kind experiences of living within the community you are visiting. However, for the residents surrounding the property, this can have unintended consequences and poor outcomes.

Northern NSW coastal resident, Trish Burt – Convener of a community action group – has been garnering support for legislation protecting local residents and communities, to be placed around the Airbnb style of housing. The basis of Neighbour Not Strangers, is “Homes not Hotels-Communities not Transit Zones-People before Profits-Neighbours not Strangers”
Some of the issues this group (which is linked to similar groups world-wide) have sufered so far include;
– an alleged rape and murder of a Melbourne Airbnb client by his three ‘hosts’
– rooms and spaces rented by the hour
– Airbnb plans to grow Live Music Biz in Global Living Rooms Concerts…next to you, without your permission
– Consider the plight of Leichhardt Residents; 57a Albert Street Leichhardt (in a residential area) is now listed as a ‘Multi-Use Area’, “$150/hr, $1,000/day, $4,000/week, 110sqm, perfect for 30 people”.  Seven can rent ‘a desk in room’ (70sqm squeeze) at Newton for $109/week each, six can share 40sqm at Manly at $180/week per person, or 70 can hire a loading dock (58sqm) in Paddington at $45/hour. Then 75 can co-share a 200sqm house in Surry Hills for $2,500/day, or 60 can hire a 100sqm ‘KidzLounge’ at Bondi Junction for $77/hour, or a desk (total 10sqm) overlooking Leichhardt’s Italian Forum for $350/week.  And how to block the nightly rental of the roof terrace next door to you – 100 people – every night at Surry Hills?  Most properties have multiple ‘spaces’ assigned and rented.  So, just how many bodies do you reckon your neighbours can cram in next to your home and rent by the hour…and exactly what are these properties being used for?
– Airbnb’s Brent Thomas – holder of a Law degree/former staffer to NSW Labor Minister – is ‘warning’ South Australia legislators’:  “As the election fast approaches, our message to all sides of politics is simple, leave the fair, innovative rules for home sharing as they are.”

If you and your areas are experiencing similar problems, please feel free to contact Trish via facebook (link below).
Neighbours Not Strangers (Follow us on Facebook)

Lack of clarity around Sydney’s Airbnb rules causes anger, legal threats
Domain – Sue Williams – 24oct17