Bidwell Uniting sets table for action

Bidwell Uniting sets tableBidwill Uniting Church cares a lot about its neighbourhood, where housing prices have pushed rents to unreasonably high levels and placed a lot of stress on local families.

In preparation for running their own table talk (see below) on housing affordability, the Churches Housing CEO and Sydney Alliance Housing Team Co-Chair Magnus Linder attended the church and spent some time sharing resources, ideas and running a mini-table talk for the leaders.

Many people in our communities are feeling the pressure that housing stress brings and table talks not only only allow churches to connect in meaningful ways with people, but also allow for some communal action in the form of advocacy to be taken.

Why not think about this for your church whether housing, refugees or affordable power?

  1. Relate

Either in pairs or groups, participants build relationships by sharing a value they hold.

  1. Listen

Participants hear from families as they share their personal stories.

  1. Process

To unpack 1 and 2, participants discuss their reactions in small groups.

  1. Respond

An expert gives facts about the current situation and responds to questions.

  1. Act

Participants are presented with options to take action.